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The Wadi connection: Technology startups from Israel’s Silicon Wadi have found a fertile ground in India

Started in 2016, Onnivation made $1 million in revenue in its first year. Last year, it made nine times that figure. Agarwal contemplates a co-investing model for working with Israeli startups now and hopes to make $14 million by May next year. So far, Onnivation has helped 15 Israeli companies find business opportunities in 100 Indian companies.

India and Israel – The new Tech Frontiers

When 29-year old Chartered Accountant Saket Agarwal decided to bring Israeli technology to India, he saw what many opportunists didn’t see – growing B2C businesses in India with the help of the strong deep tech ecosystem in Israel.

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Israeli deep-tech startups find themselves ‘hot’ in India

“We can see a clear need and supply of solutions to satisfy the need,” says Saket Agarwal, Managing Partner of Onnivation, a Mumbai-based accelerator program. We have put in place a model where we invest in the India business of Israeli deep tech-companies and help them scale in India by putting the local team, working capital and driving the sales in India.

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India And Israel Strengthen Fintech Industry Ties

Saket Agarwal, managing partner and founder of Onnivation in Mumbai, told IBT shared cultural values make Israeli startups uniquely compatible with the Indian market. Both communities prioritize religion, devotion to family and a keen eye for bargains. For example, the Israeli cloud management startup Spotinst is already very popular in Indian e-commerce companies because it allegedly found a way to slash up to 80 percent of costs just by optimizing data flow. “A scenario like this is very well-suited for the Indian mindset,” Agarwal said.

Zee5 partners with Israeli tech company, Applicaster

OTT digital platform ZEE5 has entered into a partnership with Applicaster, one of Israel’s leading global cloud platforms for media app development and management in the media space.

How accelerators are helping startups ride in the fast lane

A joint 2017 report by NASSCOM and Zinnov Consulting revealed that India ranks third in the world in the number of incubators and accelerators it has. Only China and the US have more than India’s 150-odd accelerators (primarily located in the startup hubs of Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi-NCR).

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LST 2018 – Addressed by Mr. Saket Agarwal